FunShine Online Digital Early Learning Curriculum


FunShine Express has been creating early childhood curriculum materials for child care centers and preschools across the United States and Canada since 1995. In 2014, FunShine Online was launched. This digital version of the curriculum is designed for classrooms with children ages 0-5.

Teachers can use ready-to-go lesson plans or search among 15,000 activities to build unique calendars. Activities on a weekly lesson plan can be rearranged using the click and drag feature. Teachers can also search for activities by developmental skill, topic, theme and more. These features are unique among competitors.

One of the most important recent upgrades is that teachers now have the ability to label all 15,000 activities with the unique set of standards required by their state licensing agency for documentation and assessment.

FunShine’s Early Learning Development Continuum is aligned to the learning standards in every state, and programming has been completed to link those to each other on every activity. This greatly reduces planning and prep time for teachers. It also facilitates individualized instruction, something that states and early childhood licensing agencies are looking for.

FunShine Online is purchased as a monthly subscription, with discounts for multiple classrooms. Administrative functions allow a director to monitor instruction. Upgrades are continual. A recent integration with EduKids Connect enhances parent communication and classroom management.

This is the fastest growing product line in their business, with more than 2,000 current users. It is flexible, has a lower cost point than traditional curricula, and allows teachers to better meet licensing requirements. Learn more

  • Vivi


    Dear leader of Funshine,

    We want to open new daycare schools in mainland of China, so we not only just buy a classroom curriculum, also want to purchase the right to use in China. We hope we could
    build a relationship between this business.

    I am trying to contact with your manager or boss to talk about this. Please help me with that.

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