HolonIQ: Mapping $6B+ Edtech Venture Capital

Where did all the money go?

In May of 2018, HolonIQ started building the world’s most comprehensive global education intelligence platform. Leveraging proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithms, matched with a team of analysts around the world, they’ve now indexed over 1,000 venture capital investments in education and education technology for 2018 alone—and over 15,000 transactions of all types from the past ten years.

This past year (2018), $6B of venture capital investment went into edtech (almost 2x 2017) and with ByJu’s topping up their Series F just recently to $400m at a nearly $4B valuation, this level of investment really is the new normal.

In October 2018, HolonIQ launched the Global Learning Landscape, an open source taxonomy for the future of learning and talent which thousands of teachers, education leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and investors have now reviewed. The Global Learning Landscape taxonomy provides a granular view of the many different ways education innovation is unfolding and provides teams with a common language to discuss and track innovation, investments and trends.

The global education intelligence firm, led by Patrick Brothers and Maria Spies, also played host to invitation-only Roundtables for 300 of their clients, partners and colleagues who collectively invested a notional $500M of venture capital on the Global Learning Landscape to discover where industry experts are expecting future opportunities (HolonIQ will provide more on this early in 2019).

So as 2018 drew to a close, one question remained: 

Where did that $6B+ of venture capital go? 

HolonIQ mapped it here:



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