BETT Producers Provide Edtech Efficacy Checklist

As the availability of edtech increases, consumers and practitioners have become more discerning, meaning the need to evidence how technology is supporting learning is greater than ever.

How do teachers know what is efficacious and purposeful?

How can edtech best be used to make teaching more effective, and learning more productive?

The producers behind BETT have partnered with EDUCATE, University College London’s evidence-based edtech program to provide tips and advice on what to look for and think about when choosing edtech products in the form of a handy edtech efficacy checklist

The EDUCATE team comprises experts in business and research who support and mentor developing edtech companies while they work on building their products and services.

What Makes the EDUCATE Project Unique

The backbone of this process is the access to an evidence base of what works. This is what makes the EDUCATE project unique, because spending time, money and effort designing and developing edtech is pointless if it serves no useful purpose in the classroom

Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centered Design at UCL Knowledge Lab, and now EDUCATE’s Director, recognized the potential of good edtech in the learning process while remaining mindful of the possible challenges it might bring. EDUCATE will be showcasing the work of companies on the program in the BETT Futures zone at the BETT show in January.

The team will also be holding daily sessions in the new BETT Peer-to-Peer Lounge where they’ll explore some of the key questions you need to be asking in order to successfully adopt edtech in schools. Rose Luckin will be sharing key learnings from EDUCATE’s work with schools in her session Making Technology Work for Schools in the BETT Arena on Thursday 24th January, as well as unveiling their new EDUCATE 4 Schools offering.

Partnering with EDUCATE and the BETT Advisory Group of school leaders and consultants, BETT developed the new edtech checklist for teachers. The BETT Advisory Group includes leaders from primary and secondary schools through to further and higher education, and academia. Together they have pooled their years of experiences from attending BETT, along with their learnings from researching, buying, implementing and sustaining edtech use, distilled into this handy, downloadable checklist.

Download The EdTech Checklist


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