Lenovo VR Classroom Kit with Ruckus Networks

Ruckus has partnered with Lenovo to bring VR learning to students age 13 and up with the Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom Kit. These kits are packed with everything educators need to get VR functioning, including Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headsets, Lenovo Tab 4 PLUS 10” touchscreen tablets, thousands of hours of digital curriculum.

Each is bundled with professional development including introductory videos, expert consultation and monthly webinars for best practice sharing – all linked through Ruckus Wi-Fi access points (APs). Included with this package is an 18-month “school year” and advanced exchange warranties and premier support on all pieces, except the cart which has a manufacturer’s warranty.

As teachers work hard to develop and deliver digital lesson plans, they don’t have time to do tech support thus the Lenovo VR Classroom is simple, scalable and durable. There is no complex setup. Just turn on the VR headsets, download the virtual field trip on the tablet, and start engaging students.

Moreover, there are no external antennas to snap off or reorient. The kits are packaged with their own Ruckus R510 Wi-Fi access point, so they don’t need to run on the school’s existing wireless network. This means no dropped connections or choppy video when the Wi-Fi gets congested.

The Ruckus R510 AP—designed for dense and demanding environments—delivers more capacity and higher performance than most schools require. This means that as a school district scales their VR deployment and adds more headsets, they’ll still get the same reliable and high-performance connectivity. Learn more


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