Here’s a new and innovative product that helps districts manage and improve both curriculum and instruction on one platform.

From live curriculum mapping through lesson and assessment building, resource management, PLCs, collaboration, differentiation, presentation and progress monitoring, Ogment helps educators uncover data they’ve never seen before—helping them to make the right decisions for their students every day.

Their Curriculum Mapping features allows curriculum coordinators and teachers to build their curriculum maps digitally—as a database. Any element can be added to these digital curriculum maps, including: standards, big ideas, essential questions, vocabulary, common misconceptions, ELL strategies, materials, resources, and more—including custom elements.

Teachers can build lessons and assessments in Ogment and align them to the elements that are included in the curriculum map. Teachers can even align questions within lessons and assessments to the curriculum map in order to measure student progress against it.

This solution has the potential to positively disrupt the education market because it provides a level of granular data to administrators that they’ve rarely seen before. It also allows districts that are interested in moving away from print-based curriculum to build their own curriculum using solely digital resources. Learn more.


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