Smart Choice Technologies

Firefly Digital provides the Smart Choice admissions and school choice management platform, a cloud-based solution, exclusively to preK-12 schools and districts across the U.S.

The platform is one of the leading school choice solutions blazing a trail for the public school choice movement since 2004. “This movement represents an important trend in preK-12 innovation and reform, and one of the best kept secrets in preK-12 education,” says Michael Spears, President and CEO of Firefly Digital. 

“The school choice movement empowers parents with more choice and control over their children’s education, and it drives school improvement through competition. School choice has shown to improve student outcomes, graduation rates and the general quality of education for millions,” says Spears. 

Additionally, Spears thinks that school choice is helping remedy the inherent segregation found in public school systems, instilling equity across all racial and socioeconomic boundaries.

“In recent years the school choice movement has matured and gained momentum, despite its many challenges,” says Spears. “One of those challenges is the complexity of administering school choice programs.”

Since inception in 2004, the Smart Choice platform has helped lead the school choice charge by helping schools and districts, large and small, overcome the challenge of complexity.

The platform allows parents, schools and districts to simplify and streamline their online enrollment, re-enrollment, registration, and school choice administrative processes.

Its features include an intuitive suite of online software tools to accommodate an end-to-end workflow for school administrators, including online student application submission, application management, an unrivaled blind student selection and placement lottery, enrollment, re-enrollment and transfers. Learn more


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