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Even though STEM learning has been a buzz word in recent years, many of the solutions out there focus on traditional STEM or rudimentary skills like simple coding, and do not touch on more fundamental technologies that are core to the so-called “4th industry revolution”—such as AI and data science. Create & Learn is setting the trend for STEM learning in their curriculum design and teaching approach.

The latest technology elements in their curriculum help make them a leader in the current child technology learning area. “We offer a broad range of topics, such as AI, which provide higher-order thinking skills such as creativity and critical thinking,” says Jessie Jiang, CEO of Create & Learn. She points out that MIT announced back in October of this past year that they are going to create an AI College with a $1B fund, “which is exactly what we aim to accomplish for kids K-9,” she says. 

“Our teaching methodology differentiates us from existing STEM. We offer many more students learning paths through an ever-growing online learning platform. All of our classes are taught online, by teacheres in real time, in small classes with a handful of kids,” says Jessie.

Their curriculum has been adopted by teachers in half of the top 10 public elementary schools in California, and they also partner with Palo Alto City to offer customized Scratch coding programs. With students from more than 100 cities across 40+ states in U.S., her company has received high praises from teachers, parents, and students. “Our products have a net promoter score of 73%, which is on par with the best companies in the world,” she says. Learn more

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    Thanks so much for sharing our offerings. We also just launched some amazing open classes bringing fun and state-of-art technologies, brought to you by Google, Apple and Stanford experts. Our next class is Pixar in a Box: The Computer Science Behind the Movies, April 8 at 1pm PST,

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