Here’s a simulation-based assessment that measures the key skills desired by employers, while providing the critical feedback needed for individual development and career success with skills such as Leading, Problem Solving, communicating, issue identification/resolution, and ethical decision-making.

As participants move through the CapsimInbox assessment, they must choose what they believe are the best responses to the various scenarios that are presented. The primary function of these assessment “stimuli” is to directly elicit responses that indicate a participant’s level of proficiency on the focal skills being measured.

CapsimInbox is comprised of two basic components.

The first component is an objective skill assessment. The participants are immersed in a managerial role of a fictitious company. Participants have 60 minutes in which they must respond to a variety of situations, problems and information related to business management through an online interface similar to a typical e-mail communication platform such as Office 365 and G Suite.

The second component is a self-directed tool that follows the assessment experience to provide developmental feedback, evidence-based tactics for improvement, and an Individual Development Plan (IDP) builder. Participants are provided with a customized feedback report and then asked to develop an IDP for any skills that they would like to improve. Learn more


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