Qkids Video-conferencing class platform

Qkids’ video-conferencing class platform is a state-of-the-art model of virtual, teacher-facilitated and technology-enhanced learning for children.

Their virtual classroom platform redefines the tasks that teachers can perform with students in a small group to achieve language and literacy goals. The platform embeds narrative animated slides, dozens of games and academic tasks on a shared virtual board. Teachers and students each actively manipulate interactive game controls and learning tools.

Equipped with over a dozen digital learning tools that allow for agile and seamless interactions with the curriculum content and virtual classroom space, classroom management and responsive instruction is made simple.

Expandable text board, markers, reward systems, audio and video controls, digital stages, classroom assist features to resolve issues, and instructional guides all help make learning engaging and fun.

Student interaction and autonomy is fostered by student touch screen capabilities that allow for selecting, drawing, and typing. 

Qkids’ multimedia, multimodal classroom does more than re-purpose and project slide shows and printed content. With augmented reality screens, input-controlled animations, games with dynamic goals and procedures, and ample digital learning tools—Qkids performs strongly and really shines among online learning platforms, transforming the relationships between content, instruction, language learning and technology.

They currently match 300,000 Chinese students with nearly 6,000 North American teachers to learn thru 10 levels of instruction.

Qkids’ platform unites gamification, teacher-facilitation and pedagogically- sound language and literacy instruction unlike so many other technology solutions. Learn more


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