Here is an integrated, all-in-one solution scalable from 500 to 5,000,000 alumni. “It’s purposely designed so even the smallest alumni support team can get big results,” says CEO and founder Christina Balotescu, adding that 360Alumni is a dynamic platform that gets even better with every four-week sprint cycle. While other solutions show little evolution over time, our clients see their feedback implemented right away – sometimes within days.

And when a client needs a unique feature, Christina herself collaborates to find the smartest solution that benefits the most clients. 

“Our success doesn’t come when we sign another client, it builds gradually as we help each one get more people connected and engaged,” she says. 

Their holistic approach and comprehensive platform allows them to be a single source for expert advice and tactical execution that many organizations pay thousands of dollars for each month when hiring consultants.

“This valuable guidance, enriched with the sharing of best practices, is exactly what our clients need to achieve their long-term engagement and fundraising goals, and it’s what has led to 98% client retention, says Christina. 

For more about why technology plus collaboration leads to success, Christina shares her point of view here


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