What Are Kids Reading Digitally?

The latest edition of the What Kids Are Reading report from Renaissance® is full of actionable insights on reading trends, along with research analyses, popular digital reads, ATOS® and Lexile® text complexity measures, and more.

What Kids Are Reading is one of the world’s largest annual studies of K–12 student reading habits. With new cross-curricular book lists, popular digital reads, and interesting new research analyses, the brand-new 2019 edition includes these key findings:

  • There is an average 12,000-word vocabulary gap between students who read for 30 minutes or more each day and those who read for less than 15 minutes each day;
  • Students who read for more than 30 minutes each day make triple the percentile rank gains as their peers who read for less than 15 minutes per day; and
  • Students tend to read texts at the bottom of the recommended text complexity range for their grade and far below the levels required for college and career readiness.


In addition to lists of the most popular books for each grade, this year’s edition features cross-curricular lists designed to help expand reading into content areas beyond language arts.

Educators can also use the report’s interactive Custom Report Builder tool to create state-specific lists, nonfiction lists, lists in English or Spanish, and more. Learn more.


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