GuideK12 Geovisual Analytics

Where a student is coming “from” can matter both literally—and figuratively. Understanding geographic context blended with demographic and SIS data provides a powerful perspective for school administrators to make well-informed decisions. Whether it is for moving boundaries, adding programs, examining open enrollment or equity issues, geography matters. District leaders can visualize and create real-time scenarios to quickly understand the impact of each proposed scenario.

And that’s exactly why GuideK12 geovisual analytic software earned top honors from The EdTech Awards 2019 program, winning the “Best Administrative Solution” Cool Tool Award. 

Their solution is designed exclusively for the needs of K-12 district leadership. Traditional GIS type software requires significant training and experience, yet the ability to visualize and map data is even more critical to make informed decisions; visualization drives more effective and efficient decisions. The ability to combine different sets of data from various data streams makes GuideK12 a robust resource—while still being so easy to use for everyone from front office personnel to the superintendent.

The four module suite includes Adviser for easy charting, graphing and reporting that has the power of excel without any spreadsheets or formulas to make easy to understand, colorful charts in a few clicks. It also includes SchoolSearch which is the one module schools provide to their community for the most advanced address look up tool in the market. This is not only a school locator but an important marketing tool for districts to highlight school-by-school, all their programs and offerings.

GuideK12 packs a lot into a very easy to use tool for school administrators to get better answers faster. Learn more


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