Fender Play

Ninety percent of new guitar players abandon their instrument within a year. Fender Play – complete learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele – uses an online learning platform built to keep new players strumming, and even wowed the judges of The EdTech Awards 2019, earning a Cool Tool Award for “Best Arts, Music, or Creative Solution.” 

Fender’s step-by-step program caters to brand new players with limited time and a desire to make progress quickly. Using a micro-learning approach to teaching lessons, Fender Play provides users with quick-wins. Larger skills are chunked into bite-sized, achievable steps. Each time a skill is learned, it’s presented again in the context of learning a new song, so as to promote learning transfer.

This gradient approach with attention to a practical workability—wowed the judges, along with these additional features:

• Recognizable songs have been arranged and intentionally placed at certain points in the curriculum so that a new skill can be practiced in context.
• Skills are purposefully sequenced so that the player experiences more than one related concept at a time. Known as interleaving, the mix promotes recall.
• Distributed practice tends to be effective with psychomotor tasks. Our skills average 2-4 minutes in length so there is more incentive to practice in shorter, regular increments.
• Supplemental content offers different learning opportunities. Multiple camera angles show a “beginner’s perspective” of finger placement and hundreds of short chord and glossary videos are available for quick reference.
• Content is added weekly, including songs from favorite artists like: Foster the People, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, Kelly Clarkson, The Rolling Stones, Shawn Mendes, Maroon 5—and many more.

Fender Play launched successfully in 2017. In testament to its effectiveness, the app has a nearly 80% retention rate among subscribers, continually receiving 5-star reviews. Learn more


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