An educational authoring tool developed for touch displays that gives teachers the resources to create their own interactive books and supplementary materials with the help of the built-in content available in the software—that’s what mozaBook is.

With more than 1,200 interactive 3D models, over 1,000 videos, and 110+ subject-related thematic applications and games, teachers can focus on teaching and supporting students in gaining a better understanding of the curriculum.

Since educators can add their own files (e.g., existing PDF and PPTX) to the system, they have numerous options: creating and assigning tests and quizzes, uploading textbooks to make them interactive, or sending custom-created content to students for revision and/or practice at home.

By enriching uploaded documents with extras, teachers can essentially design their own personalized handouts, as well as sharing content added from the Media Library as an individualized layer of a textbook or any supplementary material, which can then be further utilized by others teaching the same subjects or simply discussing a similar topic with their class.

The software was developed chiefly to be employed as a teacher-led resource. It allows for cooperation between educators as well, enabling the review and use of each other’s work, sharing presentations with one another, and exchanging ideas.

mozaBook, winner of the Cool Tool Award for “Best Authoring Tools Solution” in The EdTech Awards 2019 program from EdTech Digest, is based on the blended learning approach to teaching, combining print-based and digital education, thus contributing to students’ digital literacy, a skill that has become invaluable. Everything is integrated into one user-friendly platform, with content up to par both professionally and methodologically. Learn more


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