Every student future ready—is this even possible? 

Xello is one of the rare programs out there that helps educators ensure every student graduates with a personalized plan for future success. Schools use it to put students at the center of the college and career planning process. And for these reasons, it was honored with a Cool Tool Award for “Best Career Planning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2019 from EdTech Digest.

Engaging career, personality, and learning style assessments build students’ self-knowledge—helping them connect who they are with their future goals. Self-awareness carries forward as students explore options for careers, colleges, and majors. In Xello, students see which options are relevant and aligned with their interests. All profiles are written at a student-friendly, sixth-grade level. They include rich photography, detailed descriptions, and relevant statistics to paint the full picture of a students’ options.

With defined goals, students can design their plan for future success, including mapping key milestones and creating course plans that align to their aspirations—all within Xello. Beyond planning, it also helps students build critical skills and knowledge. Integrated lessons serve as ready-made curricula to teach students the 21st-century skills needed for success beyond graduation.

With over 20 years in edtech and extensive research with real students and educators, it appears they’ve discovered a real key to student engagement; it lies in delivering an easy-to-use, modern program that entertains as it educates. Thousands of students are even logging in on weekends, and educators report having an easier time keeping students on-task in class. They see the purpose in what they’re learning today, and how it connects to who they want to become. When that switch flips, there’s no limit to their future possibilities! Learn more


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