MaiaLearning 3.0

Maia was the Roman goddess of growth. MaiaLearning is a student-driven system that engages middle and high school students in planning for college and careers that excite them. It gives them agency and helps them reach their dream careers. It also simplifies the lives of the adults who guide students’ efforts.

Students develop profiles using built-in, age-appropriate assessments. They explore recommended careers; self-assess the skills and knowledge they need to develop, and build Career Plans to reach those careers that interest them. They create Academic Plans based on their school’s course catalog. They see their grades and track progress.

Winner of a Cool Tool Award for “Best College Prep Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2019 program from EdTech Digest, MaiaLearning allows students to track assignments, deadlines, and commitments. They set goals, write journals, catalog experiences, and build portfolios to present their unique abilities. High school students research colleges, build College Plans, request recommendations, submit application requests, and track deadlines.

Counselors use MaiaLearning for assignments and lesson plans. They handle recommendations and college visits, and submit application documents. They see and report on student progress, and communicate with those who need help. Administrators see up-to-the-minute engagement data, and can use a wealth of reports to measure progress and results. Families use their linked MaiaLearning accounts to learn about and support their students’ efforts.

MaiaLearning is a complete college and career readiness solution that works on computers and mobile devices. It is helping students in 27 countries, and powers the State of California’s Learn more


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