Coursera Skills Benchmarking Tool

In August 2018, Coursera’s enterprise arm, Coursera for Business, announced Skills Benchmarking, a new AI-powered tool that equips companies with the actionable data and insights they need to develop a strategic workforce transformation agenda. With instant access to data that measures competencies across industries and peers, companies can better understand their own talent profile, where the gaps are and how best to close them.

Skills Benchmarking is perhaps the first time any corporate learning solution has gone beyond arbitrary metrics like course completion and hours logged to quantify the skills competencies of employees. This unique tool uses machine learning models trained on data from Coursera’s vast learner and content base to create an aggregate view of a company workforce’s core capabilities, which enables them to see how they rank in high-demand skills like machine learning or data science within a defined peer group. Early customers, including Adobe and United Nations Development Programme, are already using Skills Benchmarking to inform their learning and development efforts. They have found it particularly powerful for understanding their competitive talent positioning, and for identifying employees with specific mission-critical skills. As part of The EdTech Awards 2019 program, Coursera Skills Benchmarking Tool took top honors and was named a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Corporate Training Solution.” 

Skills Benchmarking is yet another way companies use the Coursera platform’s scale and content to keep up with emerging technologies, stay competitive with industry peers and “future-proof” their business. Data to inform employee development programs will only become more critical as technology advancement continues to force skills, jobs and the people that hold them to change and advance. Learn more


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