Edmentum Courseware

Edmentum is actually a part of the rich history of PLATO, an original pioneer in online learning, which was invented in 1960 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. PLATO, now known as Edmentum Courseware was an answer to a pressing need for greater access to high-quality education.

Edmentum Courseware offers best-in-class online curricula for kindergarten through adult learners with over 400 engaging courses—and in The EdTech Awards 2019 from EdTech Digest, took top honors as a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Digital Courseware Solution.” Its courseware enhances the way educators utilize data, tracking progress to course completion and content mastery and saving valuable time to ensure that program goals are met.

A cornerstone of Edmentum Courseware is the principle of constructivist learning, a dynamic interaction between the learner and the subject matter. Constructivist learning theory hypothesizes that learners must be active participants in the process of constructing their own knowledge. Through Edmentum’s instructional design architecture, the solution distills the principles that have traditionally come to inform sound educational practice into a handful of solid foundations that form the bedrock of our methodology: constructivist learning, skills mastery focus, practice, real-world applications, rigor, relevance, and complexity, multimodal learning, passion, perseverance, and grit.

Educators enjoy the ability to customize courses to individualize learning, intuitive data views to provide instant visibility of student progress and answer questions like, how many activities have been completed, which students are working on pace and what is the student’s overall course grade? Students have access to a variety of instructional tools including a highlighter, student resources which feature a dictionary, click-to-speak, and translation tools. Learn more


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