IXL Learning

Used by 1 in 9 U.S. students and by schools in 95 of the 100 top districts, IXL is among the best products for online, blended or flipped learning and recently earned top honors in The EdTech Awards 2019 from EdTech Digest, having been named a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best E-Learning, Blended, or Flipped Learning Solution.”

IXL offers more than 7,000 skills aligned with all state standards, so teachers can easily find whatever they need to complement in-class instruction, reinforce student knowledge, facilitate independent learning, or introduce students to new topics. As students answer questions on IXL, they receive immediate feedback, and detailed explanations show them how to solve problems they missed. Students can explore a nearly-endless wall of personalized recommendations that guides them to the most relevant skills to practice, so they can make informed decisions about their learning.

Meanwhile, IXL’s Continuous Diagnostic is constantly working in the background to pinpoint each student’s knowledge levels and provide this targeted guidance on the exact IXL skills that will help them grow. And with up-to-the-minute diagnostic insights, teachers know how to meet each student’s needs.

Finally, IXL Analytics provide teachers with actionable data that makes it a breeze to track progress, pinpoint individual trouble spots, plan for small group instruction, and more.

Together, IXL’s curriculum and guidance, Continuous Diagnostic, and Analytics offer teachers everything they need to provide effective blended, flipped, or online instruction to their students. Learn more


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