LanSchool Air

Here is a cloud-based classroom platform that helps teachers keep students engaged in a safe online environment. It is available for use in single classrooms and entire school districts. Compatible with a Google Classroom account, this solution can be used to unite numerous online classroom activities within one centralized platform. LanSchool Air minimizes digital distractions, keeps students focused and on track and increases collaboration in the classroom through the following award-winning features:

  • Push website allows teachers to launch the same webpage on every classroom device; this eliminates the need for teachers to walk around and double check students work.
  • Thumbnail monitoring gives teachers a view of all student screens helping to identify additional needs.
  • Web limiting through whitelisting and blacklisting to keep students safe and on track.
  • Blank screens gives teachers the power to lock down keyboards and mice with one click.
  • Snapshot lets teachers take screenshots of students screens to showcase work or to use during a parent-teacher conference.

In The EdTech Awards 2019 program from EdTech Digest, LanSchool Air took top honors winning a Cool Tool Award for “Best Emerging Technology Solution.” Learn more


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