Smartly offers highly selective degree and non-degree business programs. Courses are delivered in the Smartly app on your mobile device or computer in bite-sized, interactive lessons with an accompanying social learning platform connecting students around the world.

Their innovative business model is highlighted by their free MBA degree which transfers the burden of tuition to employers, who pay to recruit our exceptional students. Fulfilling the promise of truly democratized education, they’re connecting learning directly to positive career outcomes.

In an independent 2017 study by Stanford academics, Smartly students in Accounting and Finance performed as well or better than traditional MBA students composed of many of the top 10 business schools in the world, including Stanford, Harvard, Wharton and Fuqua. And they did so over five times as quickly.

Students also rate the solution highly. In the same study, students gave Smartly Net Promoter Scores (NPS) ranging between 40-52, which is on par with the NPS ratings of Harvard (41) and Wharton (51).

While the degree programs have single digit acceptance rates, the non-degree programs are more inclusive, and indeed some courses are open and free to the world. In the last year, Smartly has admitted about two thousand MBA and Executive MBA students (about 50% are US based) and there are many more in their non-degree programs enhancing their career opportunities through education and employer connections. Learn more


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