Boclips for Teachers

A video platform that offers safe and engaging content for students and time-saving solutions for educators? The idea is simple, the technology is robust, and it’s a very cool tool that deserves a closer look called Boclips for TeachersIts extensive library of material brings academic topics to life for all ages while deepening students’ understanding of a variety of subjects.

With an easy-to-use platform and no video copyright issues or inappropriate pop-up ads to worry about, Boclips’ platform offers a solution that educators may not have been aware they even needed. It’s a school-safe alternative to consumer-focused video platforms that don’t filter for age-appropriateness, can be clogged with ads or toxic comments, and are blocked by many schools and districts. By simply cutting and pasting links, educators can supplement lessons in any school subject with short video clips that capture and keep students’ attention.

The platform gathers video clips from more than 120 partners, including Visual Learning Systems, Intelecom Learning, and Crash Course. It offers archived news content going back 100 years, providing real-world examples of classroom topics. To find relevant material, educators simply type a topic into the search bar and then create collections of videos, each of which comes with a list of specific, intentional learning outcomes. The videos are collected by Boclips’ team of former educators.

The platform enables users to share their collections with other educators, as well as find inspiration in collections created by Boclips. New material is added daily and support Common Core State Standards.

Educators who sign up before June 30 will receive a free year of Boclips for Teachers. To learn more or sign up, visit


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