Built to deliver access to Learning Management System data, IntelliBoard (a Cool Tool Award Winner for Best Learning Analytics Solution as part of The EdTech Awards 2019) offers all of your LMS data in an easy, shareable, understandable, and attractive way.

The platform provides analytic and reporting services to education communities and institutions that use Moodle, Totara, Blackboard, Canvas and Cornerstone as their Learning Management System. They help show the statistical data gathered within the LMS and present it on a single dashboard in the form of printable charts, graphs, and analytics.

One of the most comprehensive reporting and analytics platform of any LMS on the market, their dashboards and tools provide tangible reports and graphs that allow for interventions, contribute to retention, and provide evidentiary validity for government reporting, parent reporting, and any other reporting needed for administrators or teachers.

Business and educational institutions worldwide use this tool to provide analytic insights into their data. Learner retention is a key focus for many of the organizations they serve; they provide data from several points of focus to provide a clear picture of learners in jeopardy. Learn more


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