ClassLink OneSync

ClassLink OneSync is an award-winning comprehensive account provisioning platform designed to streamline the synchronization between data systems, faculty, and student directories.

What that means is OneSync serves as a hub that connects any number of data sources, including student information, finance, HR, and OneRoster® databases, to one or multiple directories, including Microsoft Active Directory, Azure/O365, and Google. OneSync not only automates account provisioning, but it also provides bidirectional account syncing, enabling schools to maintain accurate reports and quickly and securely eliminate old or out of date accounts from their directory.

OneSync offers three types of syncs:

  • imports from sources,
  • exports to destinations, and
  • dry runs.

Dry runs are optional trial runs to test for errors. If a dry run’s activity returns successful, you can export that collection of users with confidence. To gain further insight into these syncs, including their timestamps and statuses, you can view their activity logs, which details successes and errors per user, and filter them by date.

OneSync was created to fulfill the need for an intuitive account provisioning platform backed by superior customer support. Learn more


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