This Cool Tool Award Winner is possibly one of the very first mobile systems that streams any screen content (up to Full HD) wirelessly to all connected portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets or PC’s. A lot of effort has been dedicated to create a true “plug & present” solution: connect a video source to crowdbeamer via HDMI or VGA, and start streaming. No software installation required. With crowdbeamer’s built-in wifi and battery, sharing content can now be done anywhere, anytime. 
One crowdbeamer can support up to 175 different clients. In more demanding venues with more people or just a lot more space, you can create a network of crowdbeamers using the same single source. This makes the solution very flexible, providing a scalable solution for audiences both small and large.

Whether someone in the audience has a device running iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS, the crowdbeamer app provides the same feature set. Enabling the audience to receive, zoom in on the finest details, selectively save high-quality screen captures, make personal notes, and share the content on their own device creates a unique experience, improving the learning effects.

Crowdbeamer has been commercially available since October 2017. It’s one of the only solutions that combines flexibility for last minute changes in content (because of its plug-and-present concept), flexibility in use cases (because of its mobility), sharing of all kinds of visual content (not restricted to Powerpoint only) and personalization by the individuals using their own device.

Existing customers include London Business School, University College Ghent, Paderborn University, Keio University, and growing… Learn more


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