Gale Courses

Offered at participating public libraries, Gale Courses is an award-winning, instructor-lead online educational program that’s designed to provide quality personal, professional and career development. It offers hundreds of online courses focused on educational and career development, along with personal enrichment—e.g., business development, writing skills, learning a language, and all levels of computer/technology offerings.

Gale Courses supports libraries as educational institutions and gives community members easy access to lifelong learning opportunities. Tied to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ fastest-growing occupations, Gale Courses covers a variety of career topics, positioning the library to drive local economic development and meet demand for the top workplace skills.

Gale Courses provides more than 365, six-week long online programs taught by college instructors who are experts in their field. All that’s needed to access the program is a library card — it’s free. Learn more

  • rosalyn young


    Great resource but my limited search revealed only a handful of public libraries are currently offering Gale Courses. How is Gale marketing its offerings?

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