Following an invitation from the teacher, Bloomz helps parents become involved in their child’s school day in a whole new way. Bloomz’s award-winning mobile app is now in over 39,000 schools, bringing communities together by providing a communication solution for schools, educators, parents, and students.

In a secure environment, parents can connect with their child’s classroom with access to a daily feed of activities, classroom events, field trips, and volunteer opportunities. The online scheduling feature in the app allows for parents to sync their calendar with their child’s school day, making it easier to plan and coordinate meetings and events.

Bloomz provides an easy solution for parents and students with instant messaging, photo and video updates, announcements, and alerts. The app also features the ability to translate content in the user’s preferred language, making it easier for parents and students to connect with teachers. “One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen with Bloomz was bridging a cultural barrier between families and parents,” says Jose Loera, community outreach and engagement manager at STRIVE Prep in Denver, Colorado. “It’s hard for those who may be reluctant to approach a teacher about a particular issue if they don’t speak their language.”

Parents can open the app on any device, anywhere, any time, and use a rich set of features such as the calendar, contacts, behavior, portfolios, and the daily home page with updates from their child’s teachers. Learn more.


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