It’s time to do away with the glazed eyes and zombie-like expressions that accompany traditional Powerpoint presentations. Districts, schools and teachers need a solution to save the classroom from presentation zombies by boosting engagement that allows them to share personalized presentations across a range of different devices that populate classrooms.

Nearpod’s award-winning education platform offers thousands of lessons ready to launch and beams content from the teachers’ devices directly to students with engagement-boosting tools like virtual reality field trips, 3D images, in-class quizzes, drawing boards and more. Eighty-two percent of teachers found it easy-to-use and highly engaging for students.

As a rapidly growing leader in edtech, Nearpod is taking the best of modern presentation and bringing it to school districts both big and small. It flips traditional class presentations on its head, making full use of classroom technology and bringing learning to kids fingertips. Learn more


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