Bridge is employee development software built for the people who will use and benefit from it the most: employees and managers. Developed and supported by the creators of the Canvas learning management system, Bridge helps grow and retain a happier workforce by elevating people, their careers, and companies with innovative, employee-driven software solutions.

Bridge increases engagement by making learning and training a seamless part of employees’ and managers’ day-to-day workflows and continuous development. They align their software with research into authentic engagement and positive employee experiences. The platform helps promote forward-thinking strategies, actionable analytics, and employee and leader development. This solution, which earned a Cool Tool Award for Best Professional Development Learning Solution (workforce) as part of The EdTech Awards 2019 from EdTech Digest, supports continuous innovation and offers white-glove customer service, enabling companies to achieve their desired outcomes—like happier, highly engaged employees.

With a reimagined approach to manager-employee relationships, Bridge helps actualize employee development by empowering employees to take control of their career paths, daily projects, and initiatives. Further, it unlocks the knowledge in one’s business and provides avenues to address skill gaps and to create coaching and mentoring opportunities.

The bottom line: here’s a very cool employee development tool that puts people first. It helps one invest in their own employees and their own company. Learn more


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