Many schools with student community service programs manage student service hours on paper. Students take a form to a charitable group, get a signature approving their work, bring the form back to school, get another signature from a teacher or adviser, who then keeps that form in a binder. At the end of the year, someone totals those hours by hand or they might use a spreadsheet to total hours and run rudimentary reports.

Enter this award-winning cool tool. It’s called x2VOL — it simplifies this entire process and is a comprehensive, secure, web-based solution to the old paper-based system. x2VOL digitally manages the hours tracking and it generates reports and notifications for students, administrators and charities. Administrators can easily manage activities, post opportunities, and quickly track and approve student volunteer hours. Administrators and students stay in sync with centralized data and an automated approval/verification process. Students sign up for opportunities and record their hours on a desktop or on a mobile app, which prompts them write reflections about their efforts.

Administrators can review student service data, approve student hours, track progress toward goals, analyze trends, and quickly produce reports for college and scholarship applications. Nonprofit organizations can post opportunities, confirm student commitments and verify hours given in an entirely paperless process.

x2VOL also offers an Official Service Transcript delivered via Parchment. Students can have a verified service record transmitted directly to colleges. Individual students may also purchase a single-user x2VOL+ license for $12/year to track hours on their own if their school doesn’t have x2VOL. Learn more


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