This Cool Tool Award Winner is a webcam-based natural science exploration and data logging laboratory designed for STEM education. It allows students and teachers to carry out substantial scientific observations, measurements, and experiments both in the classroom and at home by using the software and a simple webcam. It can be easily integrated in classroom teaching in the form of group- or pair work and presentation supporting content, but it can enhance individual student engagement and efficient out-of-class learning as well.

With the help of built-in sensors in LabCamera, students can test their hypothesis or carry out measurements with such everyday objects as toy cars or glass balls.
LabCamera includes seven scientific modules (Microscope, Kinematics, Time lapse, Motion cam, Pathfinder, Graph challenge, and Universal Logger) which also gives great versatility to the product.

For instance, students can experiment with a pendulum in the Kinematics module, or better yet, observe the swing on the playground.

Although the use and design of these sub-applications are varied, the main purpose of the software as a whole is to provide learners with a simple, but comprehensive alternative in digital STEM education. The software is developed to be cost-effective and accessible to anyone who wish to effectively replace expensive traditional instruments and tools in the classroom. This factor is particularly important in rural areas where schools cannot afford purchasing and implementing high-tech equipment and virtual laboratories.

LabCamera is available both within the mozaBook software as a built-in app and as a stand-alone solution for laptops / PCs or tablets. Learn more


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