littleBits’ Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Now here’s a very cool tool: it’s littleBits’ Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, in partnership with Disney, and it allows kids to become super heroes by building and customizing a high-tech super hero gauntlet using littleBits’ electronic building blocks.

They can control their super hero gauntlet with a smart device, give it new abilities with in-app block coding, and use their STEAM skills to customize their own super hero identity.

Like all littleBits products, the award-winning Avengers Hero Inventor Kit gives kids the freedom to be creative, artistic, and curious with technology — and learn STEM/STEAM skills early on.

With the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit app, kids enter super hero training where they can find instruction videos for 18+ in-app activities to create super hero identities and powers based on those of the Marvel Avengers characters.

For example, a child can program their gauntlet for strength, which they can learn from The Hulk, or stealth, which they learn from Black Widow. And then they can get even more creative by programming a brand-new super hero power that is unique to them. Learn more


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