Kids Discover Online

This Cool Tool Award Winner is a web-based application that works on any device. Educators and students can login with an authenticated username and password, to access a growing library of over 2,000 engaging Science, Social Studies, and Nonfiction articles.

Over 95% of the articles are written at 3 Lexile Reading Levels, geared towards grades 3-8. Articles are written and designed in a visually rich layout and include interactive modules, scrollable animations, and short-form video that brings subjects to life. The library is organized into 10 key subject areas, including American History, World History, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Popular Units include How America Works, Ancient Egypt, Ecology, and Matter.

Kids Discover Online offers a Search by Standards feature for Educators to identify standards-aligned content for lesson integration. Articles can be saved/added to an Educator’s virtual Classroom, where students can then visit for the day’s lesson. Students can also access Kids Discover Online independently for homework help and student-led research.

Kids Discover Online also offers a customizable Assessments tool, which includes over 5,000 pre-made multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions. Educators can create custom assessments (quizzes, tests, homework assignments) using a bank of pre-made questions, or by adding their own custom questions. Assessments can be administered online and offline, and results are automatically graded and logged within a dashboard called Gradebook.

Other features include read-aloud functionality, built-in translations for up to 6 languages (including Spanish), Single Sign-on with Google and Clever, and compatibility with Google Classroom. Learn more


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