This particular Cool Tool Winner makes learning easy and empowers every student to excel in their studies. It’s offered with an exam success guarantee for all university students in all courses. 78% of their more than 10,000 active users report better grades within three months, 93% are more structured in their studies. They’ve been awarded best EdTech Startup in Germany, and they are a Cool Tool Award Winner for Best Student Study Tools Solution, part of The EdTech Awards 2019 program.

With this tool, students can upload their studying material and automatically access an individually created mind-map, displaying the most important concepts. The concepts in the mind-map are linked with additional content tailored to the individuals study preferences. Based on the their learning expectations students automatically receive an individual learning plan, structuring their exam preparation.

StudySmarter provides students with an individual learning interface that makes understanding their content more efficient than ever before. Based on the accessible learning materials and learning goals, students are automatically matched into learning communities, allowing them to seamlessly share learning content and know-how. Consequently, all students studying the same materials are actively working together as a team, reducing workload and isolation for individual students.

The company has implemented a gamification system, guaranteeing moments of success throughout the learning process. Their gamification system works on an individual and a social level to foster collaboration between students. They are also working on utilizing predictive analytics to estimate the expected exam grade based on the progress in the StudySmarter platform and giving individually tailored advice based on the learning type. Professors can profit from unique learning analytic tools to individualize their support and empirically enhance their course materials. Learn more


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