Online Degree Segment to Reach $74B in 2025

By the time we reach 2025, according to global knowledge market intelligence firm HolonIQ, more than 1 billion people on earth will have attained a post-secondary qualification throughout their lifetimes. Over the next decade 280 million more people will graduate with a post-secondary qualification and more and more learners around the world will opt to study online, with better offerings from colleges, increasing acceptance by employers and advancements in technology.

The largest market, for now, is the U.S., where more than three million students pursue higher education fully online, representing a $20B+ market today and growing fast. Pure ‘online only’ students are still only about 15 percent of all higher education enrolment in the U.S but that is changing as more and more smaller colleges close reducing local offline ‘supply’ and as more offer online degrees, according to the firm.

The biggest players are gaining market share on the strength of their national reach and brands but there are forces for and against this trend too. For some great graphics and a closer look at this area, visit HolonIQ to learn more.  



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