Verso Authentic Feedback Platform

Feedback is at the heart of teaching and learning, of co-teaching arrangements, teacher coaching, and professional development.

To make high-quality, actionable feedback easier for everyone from students to teachers, mentors and administrators, Verso, a provider of classroom collaboration tools, has recently added new feedback functionality. Verso enables students to give and receive feedback from peers and teachers, while providing educators visibility into authentic student voice. By enabling students to discuss classroom topics anonymously, Verso encourages students to give other students feedback on their ideas—and provides them access to new ideas to extend their thinking.

In its newest update, Verso has added “exit slips,” a feature designed to quickly elicit student responses to pedagogically designed questions about a lesson or activity. The answers provide the teacher with immediate feedback on how well their students have understood a learning intention, what strategies were most effective, and even how the students felt about the learning experience, thereby providing teachers insights into where their students are from a learning perspective and adjust their teaching accordingly.

With its improved teacher dashboard, Verso also provides teachers visibility into the effectiveness of their instructional practice at a class and individual level, opening yet another avenue for personalized feedback that supports each student’s journey from surface to deep learning.

Teachers can also create or adapt other teacher’s lessons using Verso’s pedagogically designed lesson builder, then use feedback from sources such as co-teachers, coaches, mentors, and administrators to refine and improve their pedagogical approach and lesson designs.

To give it a try, sign up for a free trial here.


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