enCASE from TE21

“Powerful and easy to use” are words used by teachers and administrators to describe the newly developed enCASE Platform for assessment delivery and creation by TE21. With enCASE, teachers can administer TE21’s award-winning CASE Benchmark Assessments and access over 70,000 items in TE21’s CASE Item Bank to create formative assessments for classroom use.

enCASE is a web-based application with a dashboard-driven toolset. This platform enables teachers to create classroom items and assessments within minutes. enCASE operates on any device with a browser and currently provides 20 item types, including Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs)—additional item types will be added in the future.

Assessments can be administered in print or online. District and school-based reports, for each student, are accessible by teacher and school/district leaders.

Teachers manage their robust scoring on each test activity by student, class, question, and test. Teachers have access to our professional development staff and support team via phone or email.

Online tutorial documents and videos are available at www.TE21.com/enCASESupport. Learn more.


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