Proctorio’s mission is “to expand opportunities for the development and demonstration of human potential by ensuring integrity in all learning environments and developing new technologies to support innovation in education and beyond.” Wow! Sounds kind of amazing; a lofty goal for sure. How do they even attempt such a thing? Using state-of-the-art technology and end-to-end data security, their solution “ensures the total learning integrity of every assessment, every time.”

What this means is, their software eliminates human error, bias and much of the expense associated with remote proctoring, identity verification and originality verification. It also integrates effortlessly with whatever learning management system you already use— no scheduling, waiting or additional logins required— for instant, objective, secure results.

Proctorio entered the remote proctoring scene with two giant competitors—both of whom dominated the market with a live proctoring service where a human proctor watches 6 students at a time on one screen.

As the folks behind Proctorio put it regarding what they saw with such a service where this happened, “The experience is a nightmare for students. Scheduled exams, strangers invading their privacy, unsecure data storage & transfer, long wait times— the list goes on. As it turns out, this business model is not scalable and makes the institution’s cost of growing their online programs unrealistic, therefore stifling the promise of high-quality open education.”

As Proctorio began its ascent, the value of a truly scalable learning integrity platform became obvious to them and to their customers. They now partner with over 176 institutions in higher education including Harvard, Columbia, and BYU. To date, they have served over 300k test-takers and proctored over 2.5 million exams.

The company has seen exponential growth over the last four years as automated proctoring becomes key to expanding distance learning worldwide.

And, they picked up a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2019 program. Not bad, and it looks as though they’re just warming up. Learn more


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