This isn’t just another visualization tool. Instead, GlyphEd helps administrators at colleges and universities envision the invisible in their recruiting and student success retention efforts. It provides insight into what you can’t see today. It enables administrators to find and retain the best students by unlocking information not obvious in student potential data. 

The tool allows admissions counselors to assess a student’s potential in a unique, 3D visualization that combines all data from recruiting to grades to financial aid and more in one place, rather than multiple dashboards. This approach eliminates bias in admissions, helping schools find and retain hidden student gems who don’t fit the traditional definition of an ideal applicant. Improving admissions criteria results in better retention and student success from matriculation through graduation. In one example, Gannon University increased its retention rate by 5% and added $2 million dollars back into their budget using the tool, in under a year.

Moreover, it enhances rather than replaces current systems and allows schools to see all of their data in a single, graphical representation – an approach that is much more actionable and accurate than other tools. GlyphEd is also beneficial in staff research, allowing researchers to obtain deeper insight in their analysis, and serves as an easy-to-understand, yet powerful, classroom tool for students studying data science.

This 2019 Cool Tool Finalist is helping professors, admissions departments and athletic organizations at John Carroll, Kent State and Notre Dame uncover hidden insights from the wealth of data they possess. Learn more. 


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