Founded in early 2013, GoSkills is an online learning platform dedicated to providing a high-quality learning experience to help people learn business skills. The founders drew on micro-learning pedagogies to build a platform dedicated to bridging the digital skills gap.

GoSkills provides flexible, on-demand courses to help people learn the digital business skills they need at their own pace. The course lessons are broken down into digestible bite-sized chunks to promote information retention, offering busy learners the flexibility of fitting a training session into a lunch break or while commuting.

They work with over 700 companies and institutions as a Learning Management System (LMS) provider, as well as selling licenses for organizations to use the platform infrastructure and content. Companies can train their teams with GoSkills business courses, monitor learners’ progress, and upload their own custom courses to the GoSkills LMS.

GoSkills LMS features include:

  • Simple dashboard to track statistics at-a-glance as well as in-depth reporting on top performing courses, learners and qualifications
  • Training section to manage and assign courses
  • Learner management section to create groups and review trainee information
  • Customizable notifications
  • Account settings to manage account admins, security settings, payments and invoicing
  • Dashboard design customization
  • Internal messaging system, so learners are able to communicate with each other

Notable results include:

  • A course completion rate of 22.04% as at September 2018 – much higher than the industry average of 4%
  • A 47% average improvement in test scores from initial placement test to the final exam

And, they were honored as a Cool Tool Award Finalist in The EdTech Awards 2019 program. 

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