Playworks has created a new way of helping school staff use effective, research-backed practices to help play support learning. They recently announced the launch of a new online service, PlayworksU. With it, they’re bringing the joy and playfulness that school staff have come to love from their experiential courses to a digital experience.

Through this professional learning platform, school staff have access to:

  • Video demonstrations and discussion boards to try on new play strategies
  • Facilitation guides and on-demand content to learn together at an individualized pace
  • Three optional consultative calls with play experts to help refine strategies.

School staff log into the portal and have access to videos, guides, tools, and resources that they can use to make their schools a safe and healthy place for every kid to play. Playworks designed this platform specifically with school staff in mind because we know that:

  • Cost and time are two barriers for schools to provide their staff with the professional development training that we typically offer and know that schools need and want.
  • More school staff can access online learning than can step out of their classroom for an experiential training
  • We need to cater to different learning styles

This platform overcomes those barriers. It was designed specifically for elementary school staff based on learnings and best practice Playworks developed over 20+ years of experience working with elementary schools. It is one of, if not the—only online learning platforms teaching play-based techniques to youth educators.

And for that, it was honored as a Cool Tool Award Finalist in The EdTech Awards 2019 program. Learn more


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