What Does the Future of Learning Look Like in World’s Largest Education Market?

India is one of the world’s largest, most dynamic and fastest growing education markets. With more than 260 million students, 1.5 million schools, 50,000 higher education institutions and 13,000 Industrial Training Institutes, India is expected to overtake China as the largest country on earth by 2022 and grow to about 1.5 billion people by 2030.

However, the India education opportunity remains difficult to access for many. Enter the Global Education Immersion Program from HolonIQ, which seeks to connect those interested in understanding, investing or entering the India education market with leading Indian education innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations.

During five days of immersion in India’s Silicon Valley with the country’s largest, most prestigious and fastest moving education institutions, you’ll meet the educators, entrepreneurs and investors shaping the future of learning in India.

The five-day intensive program in Bangalore brings together education leaders and executives from around the world to explore the future of learning and gain an in-depth understanding of the world’s largest education market. It takes place from September 30 — October 4, 2019 and includes: 2 Days Market Deep Dive, 2 Days Site Visits, 1 Day Global Summit.

Whether or not you attend, have a look at these attending companies and a little bit about them:


Raised $1B, Valued > $5B
#1 Global EdTech Unicorn



Tech certification training
1M trained, 2k trainers, 400 courses



Online Higher Ed courses
250 Hiring Partners. 47% Salary+


Omidyar Network

Global Impact Investor
Almost $1B committed worldwide


Great Learning

Tech workforce up-skilling 
2M+ learning hours



Fast growing exam prep platform
6m+ users, raised over $70M



Live online tutoring
40k students, 30 countries


Founding Years

Largest Indian daycare network
150+ pre-schools across India


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