ABCmouse Mastering Math

Although early math skills are the strongest predictor of later academic success, 60% of U.S. students are not proficient in math by fourth grade.

To address this issue, Age of Learning, the education technology innovator behind ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, developed ABCmouse Mastering Math app.

This innovative, game-based adaptive early learning math solution helps young children build a strong number sense foundation in topics such as number sequences, numeral recognition, counting objects, and operations. These concepts provide a strong foundation in quantitative cognitive thinking that’s a key requirement for success in kindergarten math and beyond.

Mastering Math leverages the Personalized Mastery Learning System developed by Age of Learning. This adaptive learning platform recommends and customizes learning games to deliver each child an individualized learning path and personalized education.

The app actively adapts in real time to a child’s existing math knowledge, filling in gaps in understanding and teaching new material as the child demonstrates readiness for more advanced learning activities. Using data from a child’s interaction, the system adapts the sequence of activities, and even adapts within each activity, to optimize each child’s learning experience and help all children achieve math mastery.

A large, randomized controlled trial found that pre-k and kindergarten students who used ABCmouse Mastering Math improved an average of 36% in fundamental math skills, including number sense, number recognition, counting, and addition, while only using Mastering Math about 30 minutes/week.

Additionally, 100% of teachers reported meaningful impact on interest and self-confidence in learning math. As part of The EdTech Awards 2019, ABCmouse Mastering Math earned a Cool Tool Award Finalist honor. Learn more


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