Abl Master Scheduler

Master schedules are mission-critical—the “academic blueprint” of schools—but administrators have historically used a combination of excel spreadsheets and whiteboards to create them (an overly time intensive and error prone process).

Abl Master Scheduler is a software solution that streamlines the entire master scheduling process – from analyzing course requests to finding ideal student placements – saving time, reducing complexity, and accounting for the unique learning needs of students.

Abl integrates with the school’s SIS, allowing access to comprehensive data aggregated from multiple sources to inform the development of class rosters, individual student schedules, and staffing assignments.

The Student Tumble feature allows schools to assign students to classes based on custom-developed rules, and to make adjustments to individual student schedule as needed.

The solution works with a diverse cross section of leaders at schools nationwide including:


  • A rural Tennessee high school that increased enrollment in Career and Technical ed courses by 25%, and for the first time, 100% of students had a working schedule in hand before leaving for summer break.


  • A San Diego middle school that built balanced class rosters–maintaining 20 percent of students with IEPs, 25 percent of students GATE-identified or high-performing, and 30 percent English learner students, so that more students can access rigorous coursework with appropriate staffing resources in place, rather than being “tracked” into less rigorous courses.


  • A Colorado high school that increased integration of special education students in general ed courses, with additional support staff.


  • A Georgia high school that increased AP enrollment from 117 to 400+ students.


The solution was honored as a Cool Tool Award Finalist in The EdTech Awards 2019 program.  

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