SelfStudy360 is among the first AI-powered cloud platforms for personalized content and adaptive learning programs, designed specifically for professional societies and publishers to address the $360 billion professional development and training market. SelfStudy Inc., a San Francisco-based learning optimization technology company, launched the platform in April 2018.

Similar to GPS navigation software, the SelfStudy360 platform automates the delivery of the data and information a particular learner needs to achieve a goal – to get from point A to point B. By blending machine learning and dynamic item response theory algorithms developed at MIT, the SelfStudy360 platform is able to assess each user and their community in real-time, and select the most relevant multimedia content to enable rapid mastery and retention of new knowledge.

The platform comes with simple back-end tools that automate content and course creation, information migration and management; generate user analytics; handle credit administration and reporting; and facilitate automated testing, badging and certification.

SelfStudy is currently focused on professional societies and publishers, but will expand its offering to corporate training organizations and universities.

The award-winning SelfStudy360 platform is now available for licensing. Learn more


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