Xplorer from Modest Tree

Xplorer is a software tool that enables creatives to rapidly create VR applications for training and marketing without coding. Xplorer is part of Modest Tree’s award winning software suite Modest3D available for licensing and offered as a free trial download.

There is no expertise needed to use Xplorer which Includes a wealth of built-in functionality to enable rapid creation VR experiences. The intuitive creation process allows users to add interactive content such as videos, text, and audio, create questionnaires, add hotspots, customize environments, add custom animations, and more, all using the built-in functionality.

Content built in Xplorer can be published directly to virtual reality headsets or as a desktop application without any rework. This enables a flexible solution, whereby VR experiences can be showcased at marketing or training events and the desktop solution can be sent to be viewed in a 3D environment.

Xplorer VR is ideally poised to create a wide variety of VR experiences, including virtual showrooms, component familiarization and site walk throughs. Users can create digital showrooms to showcase physical products to clients and easily add video, pdf documents and text for clients to receive detailed product information and experience products. For component familiarization, this tool allows the user to develop training on complex equipment in a realistic environment and provide valuable product information, such as component names and assembly/disassembly of the product.

Xplorer users create virtual worksites to train on safety protocols or to showcase new construction or designs to clients. This solution gained recognition as a finalist for the Cool Tool Award, part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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