Journeys Map

From the beginning of human civilization, maps have helped us understand the world around us.

Maps communicate where to find cities, states, oceans and countries. We can record the places we have been and even start a bucket list of sights we want to visit in the future. Maps, it could be said, are a vehicle for our collective wisdom.

Today, we use apps to give us turn-by-turn directions to find destinations anywhere in the world. What can be better?

Now imagine an interactive map that works the same way, but for learning, by guiding your navigation to a desired occupation.

That’s the idea behind Journeys, an interactive learning map designed to engage users in exploring life’s possibilities and providing personalized directions while navigating life’s major educational and professional transitions.

With Journeys, exploring pathways in K-12, college, career, military and professional certification has been made much easier.

Journeys is a user-centric solution that delivers an interactive map infrastructure highlighting the entire learning landscape and gives every individual the power to find and follow their own personalized pathway. This cool tool has the potential to dramatically change the way users of any age become successful in life.

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