A powerful, easy to use, online platform that teaches students in grades 6-12 valuable STEM skills such as coding, robotics and physical computing—CoderZ by Intelitek helps learners with their careers and prepare them for college. As part of The EdTech Awards 2019, CoderZ was honored as a Cool Tool Finalist for Best Coding, Computer Science, or Engineering Solution. 

The platform has a fun gamified interface that utilizes an online code editor and 3D virtual robots in a browser. The solution caters to both beginners and experts, offering a simple, Scratch-like language called Blockly for new coders or allowing more advanced students to start working directly with Java code.

Students are able to practice coding skills by completing missions with their cyber-virtual robot, which reacts directly to students’ input. In addition, CoderZ enables students to develop their computational thinking and problem-solving skills while practicing motivated self-learning in a fun, dynamic and game-like environment.

Because CoderZ is cloud-based, accessible online from the classroom or at home and puts the world of coding and robotics in the hands of every student. This makes this simple to deploy for schools, easy to track for teachers and the solution includes curriculum, teacher professional development and classroom guides.

The curriculum is aligned to standards like the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, Career Readiness Standard, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and K-12 Computer Science Standards (CSTA – Computer Science Teachers Association).

For educators, CoderZ resolves one of their biggest challenges by providing enhanced visibility and reporting of student progress.

By design, CoderZ reaches all students without expensive robotics hardware and is highly measurable giving teachers and administrations measurable outcomes in real-time. Learn more.


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