LEGO Education Coding Express

Here’s a really cool tool: LEGO Education Coding Express early learning solution teaches children as young as two years old foundational coding skills, all the while building confidence, creativity and fostering a spirit of collaboration.

Taking the familiarity of a train and combining it with the new “action bricks,” early learners will explore sequencing, looping, conditional coding and cause and effect. When placed within the train’s track, the different colored action bricks trigger a specific action – red to stop, green to turn around, and white to turn on the train’s lights.

Bringing together physical and digital play, an optional child-directed iOS and Android app enables children to explore emotions, journeys, music and math, inspired by physical play.

The included LEGO Education Coding Express Teacher Guide features eight lessons, all of which were designed based on NAEYC standards, 21st Century Early Learning Framework and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. Each of the unique lessons enables teachers to create scenarios for children to explore.

For example, in one lesson, a pile of debris on the tracks would lead the children to place a green action brick in front of the debris, instructing the train to change direction, or a red action brick to stop and avoid collision. The hands-on learning opportunities provided by Coding Express excite early learners and accelerate understanding of essential STEAM concepts.

A Cool Tool honoree in The EdTech Awards 2019, this is an early learning solution worth having a closer look at. Learn more


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