Social Assurity

According to a recent Kaplan Test Prep survey of 350 college admissions officers, 68 percent of college officials said that social media is “fair game” in their college admissions decisions.

So, how hard is it to get a 17-year-old to think about their future?

That task becomes far easier when this Cool Tool award honoree: Social Assurity courseware—enters their lives. Based on the best practices of social media experts, these inspiring learning tools give kids a happy challenge—the same one they rise to every day: Navigating an online presence, across multiple evolving platforms, to communicate, collaborate, explore, and advance themselves in the world.

With one crucial difference: It’s not about expressing themselves to friends. It’s about strategically applying to college, and vying for scholarships. Using tools they’ve already mastered. This social media courseware teaches students how to employ the social media they use every day in excitingly new and productive ways. The self-directed and actionable lessons teach essential social media skills with a focus on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

The package includes 9-course modules utilizing how-to videos, real-life examples, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking questions. The courseware contains over 4 hours of comprehensive educational materials with step by step instruction on how to build compelling digital portfolios and developing effective social networking techniques. Students are encouraged to build their public social media profiles and apply new engagement skills as they work their way through the courseware. Learn more


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